Non Profit Web Design with Tru Authority!

“It is people giving back by paying it forward.” – Eric Blackwell, founder

The concept is simple. Givers get. We have seen it time and time again in all of our lives. We have watched people build open source empires (such as Java, WordPress, and others) where they used open source technology to make the world a better place.

So how does this apply to professionals who work and live on the web? The answer is simple. How many good charitable organisations are out there whose websites well…suck. Maybe they need online marketing help. Maybe some assistance with e-mail marketing. Maybe they need a website makeover so that they can raise the money, help the less fortunate, and in general pursue a good cause.

Those of us who have profited greatly and make a living on the internet have an opportunity and a responsibility to fill those needs. We can give of ourselves. We can give time, and service, to those who need it most (and who will use it to help others), It is time to give back. We can work together and make this happen.

So. Are you in? Wanna have some fun and make some connections while helping others?  Ready to volunteer? Want to enhance your resume while giving back to your LOCAL community? Me too. Let’s do it together.

Sign up and contact us. 😉

I will show you how. We will find worthy causes and ask NOTHING in return for the help we provide, other than helping us find more people to help.  No money changes hands. Even the hosting, graphics and other hard costs associated with each project are donated.


Only Have a FEW Hours a Week??

All of us are busy at what we do. We understand! That is OK! You would be amazed and how much good we can do in a community by simply donating the skills that we have everyday…even just a couple of hours a week can make a LARGE impact. The other advantage is that we can try out new technology together in a fun environment.